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Welcome to Crag X

This site is dedicated to Crag development and rock climbing around New South Wales.

This site's original main focus was to follow the progress of the Crag X team as we developed climbing areas around Sydney and the Blue Mountains.

As this site has developed over the years, it now includes many other areas of interest for the climbing community. So click on the links to the left and discover more about Crag X.

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A rescuer's guide to rockclimbing crags around Sydney.
John Hollot from Careflight has compiled a "A rescuer's guide to rockclimbing crags around Sydney." This is used by Careflight to locate crags in and around Sydney for rescure purposes.This is not a rock climber's guide. At some of these areas climbing is banned or illegal. Cliff environments are dangerous and people do die or get badly mangled up - hence this document. It would be useful to have in your backpack on any climbing trip incase you get into trouble.
Click Here - to download. Last updated 6th July 2004. Size approx 1MB.

Click here for information on Alied health and Malpractice Resources.